High quality snail100% essence hyaluronic acid liquid

Our product successfully repairs dry skin, shrinks pores restoring your skin with a soft, glowing appearance


Keep your skin appearing youthful by hydrating your skin with our snail serum.


Our dermatologist allergy test guarantees this product is suitable for all skin types as it is created with non-irritating, skin-friendly ingredients.


Stimulates the production of collagen, which makes your skin vibrant, firm and youthful.


Contains 100% natural plant-based ingredients and snail mucus extract that successfully stimulates skin metabolism.


Moisturises your skin which reduces pores, smooths fine lines and hydrates skin resulting in shinier and clearer skin.

Repairing skin

Shields your skin from UV rays, effectively healing any skin damage caused by sun damage or makeup.
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Delay Skin Ageing

Effectively delay skin ageing and quickly eliminate all your spots and scars on the skin. 

Attracts Moisture

Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage sequences.

Stimulates The Creation of Collagen

Stimulates the creation of collagen, which makes your skin firm and young.

Efficient And Durable Product

An efficient and durable product, producing incredible results. Suitable for all skin types, men and woman.


Our Clients Say

The serum is transparent, the consistency is slightly slimy, almost odorless. When applied to the skin it is perfectly distributed and absorbed quickly.


The serum is great: thick, absorbs well, spreads easily. Excellent packaging: foil wrapped glass bubble, the dispenser cap is fixed after opening the package.


The serum is good, I didn't get it the first time. Always the skin after it is fresh. Pores peel off I recommend it.


I really liked this serum for the face. Hydrates well and nourishes thin skin. The consistency is viscous, odorless. The skin afterwards shines and is soft to the touch

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